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Emilia Takayama, cinematic music composer

I was sitting on our living room floor and couldn´t get up. My eyes were following the tv set and my ears were hearing the most beautiful music that I had ever witnessed!

My mother thought that I was making a scene because I didn´t want to go to sleep and she was more and more determined to get me to bed. I quickly ran to my room, grabbed a cassette and managed to record three songs of this wonderful concert, which was held in a big cave with the composing pianist performing with a symphony orchestra.

It was the beginning of my love for cinematic music.

As a child I always loved writing my own songs on the piano and even learned to play the guitar when we had to sell our piano. Later on I started to play in different bands, but it wasn´t until I gratuated from high school, that I realized it wasn´t too late for me to become a musician.

I applied to Porvoo Music School´s Pop & Jazz department with piano and was accepted.

I studied hard for a few years and then applied to Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory and gratuated as a musician in 2006.


I took a year off, got interested in piano tuning and applied to the Arlainsitute to study piano tuning and gratuated in 2009. At the same time my musical career as a keyboardist took off and the following ten years I toured Finland with different bands and tuned pianos in the meantime.

Over the years I got to compose with different artists and bands and noticed that my heart strongly moved me in that direction!

As late as the year 2016 I realized my passion for film music and that my way of composing truly reflected that genre.

I had found my music.

Awards, press & Certificates

Film Music Contest Finalist
Cinematic Composer Emilia Takayama _ Momentum certificate 2022
Indie Gathering International Film Festival _ film music _ award winner
International Film Festival _ film music_ horror hotel _ award winner

Press & Links

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