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Cinematic Music Composer


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Emilia Takayama is a Helsinki / Askola -based cinematic composer and producer and one of the creatives within the new producer roster under the management of Katariina Sorsa.

Emilia is planning to release her trailer sync EP later this year alongside with her debut album.


She has studied in the International Film Music Mentorship program "Momentum" (Los Angeles). She has also produced and composed music for local and international collaborations and immersive sound art works.


Emilia is very much inspired by cinematic & epic sceneries when making music - you can often hear the sounds of piano with clouds of pulsating, swirling harmonic elements & organic instruments, fused with electronic synths & percussions.


Manager, Katariina Sorsa:



Emilia Takayama was part of the team that had a pleasure to produce diegetic music for the feature film "Treasure" (2024) starred by Stephen Fry and Lena Dunham. The brief was produced under the Sync Castle Camp arranged by Music Finland.

In autumn 2023 Emilia composed a merging and layered environmental custom art composition for Avotakka Stand in Habitare Exhibition 2023.


In spring 2023 Emilia did a collaboration with a London based record producer, songwriter and musician Joshua. James for his upcoming EP.

See Joshua. James from here.


In October 2022 Emilia gratuated from Momentum, International Film Music Mentroship Program. The program was held on-line from Los Angeles by Marc Jovani, Cinematic Composing. It included  a Live Meeting Event in Los Angeles  in August 2022. Emilia recorded material in the Silent Zoo Studios to her own composition Unsaid.

Her debut album carries also the name Unsaid and will be featured by numerous musicians. The intro song of the album, Awe, and the music video were published in spring 2023.

In the autumn 2021 Emilia was chosen to be one of the

finalists in the international film music contest @fmcontest

and was in the group of last seven finalists with the music video

of her upcoming single Awe.

The category was Films, TV series, Videos with Original Music.

In the spring 2022 Emilia composed music for the show Dreamer by Saarni sirkus and especially the opening piece Welcome was composed by using moving musical elements and samples recorded from an old pianola.

Find out more about Saarni Sirkus from here.

Takayama also composes music soundtrack for Otava Project´s "Seven Brothers" contemporary circus acts which will be premiered starting from october 2020 as digital reflections.

The main premiere is going to be during 2023.

Otava-project was chosen to be one of the pitchers in Performing HEL 2021 Showcase. Otava Project’s short film, "Seven Brothers", was also selected as one of the Short - Performance 2021 Official Selections in the International Circus Film Festival.

Find out more about that from here.

Takayama composed the sound artwork "The Land of Snow" for Finland's pavilion “Snow” in Dubai's World Expo in 2021.

The composition was custom ordered by Business Finland and the producer was the Finnish loudspeaker company Genelec.

Find out more about Dubai from here.

Emilia has also composed a custom ordered song "Dreams and Horizons" for the OMA project which uses art-based methods to help people to participate. The project is funded by European Social fund. Find out more here.

Emilia worked with a music production part of a larger light and music installation art work for the premiere of the European Green Capital 2021-city in Lahti.

The premiere was streamed 15.1.2021.

Find out more:

As a keyboardist, Emilia has been on stage with many bands and artists such as Chisu, Hevisaurus, Anssi Kela, Aiyekooto & Afrobeat International.

She has over half a thousand appearances in concerts, festivals and club gigs.

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Backround pic & pic 2 by Niukephoto / Pic 1 Katariina Maaninka / Pic 4 & 5 by Juho Matilainen

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Pics 1&2 Niukephoto, Pic 3 Katariina Maaninka, Pic 4 Juho Matilainen.

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